We facilitate FFL transfers in Vancouver, both online and private transfers in accordance with I-594 and, unfortunately, 1639.  You must be 18 years old or older with a valid ID in order to purchase a NON semi auto long gun. You Must be 21 years old with a valid WA State ID in order to purchase a handgun or semi auto rifle.

Transfer fees are $25 per firearm/frame/receiver.

Transfers not picked up after 30 days are subject to a second background check and transfer fees per gun.

Transfer fees, and taxes, are non refundable in the event of a deny. If you decide you do not want the firearm and want it returned we will do so but there will be a transfer fee of $25 per gun.

If you are denied we can either return the firearm at your expense to the original seller or we can sell it on consignment at our normal consignment fees of 15%.



We do take in firearms for consignment sales. Our consignment fees are 15% of the sale price OR $25 per gun if the firearm is picked up before it sells. If the consignment fee of 15% is less then $25, the fee will be $25. We will display the firearms in our show room, put them up for sale on our website and advertise them for sale on various online web sites. We do not guarantee sales or the time frame in which they will sell.

Money from any consignment sale not picked up after 180 days will be forfeited with no refund. This might seem a bit harsh but we are not a bank.