NWCF Policies


$25 Shop minimum per gun

If your gun gets logged in there is a $25 minimum per gun. This applies to consignments, guns dropped off for work and transfers you decide to return. You will not be double charged if you are paying for a transfer or picking up your firearm. This will mostly apply to people who drop off then change their mind.


Layaway is nonrefundable 30% down and 45 days. If final payment is not made within 45 days the gun will be returned for sale and all monies paid will be forfeited.  This may seem extreme but we have had way too many people flake on layaway sales so we have been forced to resort to a plan that will weed out all but the serious buyers.

NICS Checks

Denied NICS checks on guns purchased from us will result in a $25 minimum plus 3% if we refund a card. No refunds on delayed or denied background checks.

Storage Fees

Storage fees will apply to complete work not picked up 30 days after we contact you and have not received any contact back. Storage fees are $2 per day per gun backdated to when we first contacted you. Guns not picked up after 90 days are subject to collections including all storage fees.

Consignment Sales

All consignment guns are sold "as is". We will go through each gun and preform function checks and safety checks. There is no warranty given or implied on guns that other people may or may not have worked on.  Money from any consignment sale not picked up after 180 days will be forfeited with no refund. 

Transfers not picked up

If you transfer a gun to us and decide you do not want it and want it returned through no fault of NWCF you are subject to the $25 minimum plus return shipping/handling costs.

Transfers not picked up within 30 days after filling out the 4473 are subject to another background check and transfer fees will apply again per gun because we are now running a second check.