Gunsmith in Vancouver



Cerakote is one of the finishing options we offer. Extremely durable and corrosion resistant it is the most cost effective way to refinish an old firearm. Colors and patterns are almost endless



Traditional hot bluing is the pinnacle of a custom gunsmith shop. We can do a bead blast and blue giving you a matte finish for hunting all the way to a show room quality mirror finish.

Laser Engraving


We offer laser engraving, or laser etching. Our laser will burn through the finish leaving your engraving. A great way to put your own personal logo on a firearm or other item.



There is so much you can do to a 1911, from replacing a couple parts to give your shooter a better feel, sight swaps, trigger jobs, upgrading factory parts to full blown custom builds from the ground up.



We offer a couple glock packages, a "carry package" which focuses on better sights, better trigger, undercuts for a better grip, stippling and reliability. We also offer a competition package where we focus on reliability, trigger, sights and speed. 



As a real gunsmith in Vancouver there is so much we can do with AR's these days. I am a certified gunsmith and not an armorer "parts swapper" If you are looking for a custom build please contact us. We can assemble your parts kits, upgrade the triggers, sights and optics and add just about any accessory you can imagine.

Gunsmith Price List

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