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Here is a little bit about us

My wife started a trophy and  engraving shop back in 2009. We started from scratch and with  practically nothing and have built it up into a successful business. She  runs the day to day operations and graphics work while I work in other  aspects of the business. We decided that after 4 years it was time to  start adding to the business. We decided that since almost no one else  does it that we would offer custom laser engraving on firearms, as well  as gunsmithing.

As before, we started small with the gunsmith  business and only offering limited services. As time goes on we will be  adding more and more services. Such as recently we added hot bluing, cerakote, machining and a  slew of other gunsmithing services... with some big changes coming in 2019!

I am a graduate of  the  Colorado School of Trades for Gunsmithing and graduated in 1999. Since  then I have worked for several gun shops in the past decade but none of  those shops have lasted or I left due to lack or ethics that certain  shop owners exhibited. When I was not working for another shop I have  been gunsmithing for myself, friends and family as a hobby. I have a  love of building target rifles, race guns and customizing firearms. I  have built competition handguns and hunting rifles. I like adding custom  touches to make your every day hunting rifle into a sub MOA rifle. I  love being able to take grandpa's old beaten up passed down rifle and  make it look better then brand new.

We have added several people  to our team as time went on. Cesar Ramos as an apprentice has been  with us this year and many of you have talked with him when you call. We  are an outdoors family, from camping at the beach or up in the  mountains we like to spend time outside. We like to fish, take the kids  shooting up in the mountains or at the gun club where we are active  members at Clark Rifles and I was an active RSO until I realized I did not have the time lol.

My firearms experience  includes a love of firearms, reading and learning on my own, graduate of  the Colorado School of Trades for Gunsmithing in 1999, 6 years in the military, 6 years as a certified Glock  Armorer. I have spent years shooting competition, IPSC, IDPA, GSSF, Trap  and Small Bore although have backed out of it due to time restraints.  Even so we are looking forward to getting into 3 gun and down the road maybe some  cowboy shooting. I am an avid re-loader and have been loading various  handgun loads to include my competition loads and hunting and target  rifle rounds. We also have 10 years engraving experience.

 Currently we offer mostly services, we are a gunsmith in Vancouver and we offer gunsmithing services, laser engraving,  re-finishing, FFL transfers etc... We order firearms all the time and  have a small store front with some guns and accessories for sale. We  take in firearms for consignment and we buy and sell all the time.  We  plan on expanding as time and money allows to sell more parts and  accessories and firearms. Some of this has already happened over the  past 5 years of us being open but there is still a ways to go. Thanks  for understanding that we are a small business and working hard at the  American dream.

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