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It will be difficult to cover all semi auto handguns here but we will cover the most popular and the most frequently requested trigger jobs. The two most requested semi auto trigger jobs that we get are for 1911’s and Glocks. Although we have included a general price list for other popular handguns and jobs we get frequently asked for.

S&W Apex trigger install          70 plus parts

Sig SRT install                        60 plus parts

XD trigger swap                       60 plus parts


1911 Trigger Jobs

 Series 70          120

Series 80          130


The price for a 1911 trigger job will include polishing all engagements and adjusting the sear spring. We will not install any new parts unless the customer requests it. This trigger job will take your trigger pull to a very nice crisp pull approx 3.5-4lbs. For the best pull for your money we would suggest having a trigger that fits you with an over travel tab installed and we will polish and adjust it during installation.


If you are looking for a competition trigger pull we will expand on our standard trigger job and will install and fit aftermarket parts at the customer’s request. You will end up with the best pull possible.


You will not be charged for installation of any aftermarket parts during a trigger job unless they require major fitting. We are also in the process of putting together a couple packages for carry and competition that will include parts and labor.


Glock Trigger Jobs

 Trigger Job without fitting new connector          75

With fitting of new connector (over travel tab)     100 + parts

The Glock is one of the most highly debated handguns of the past 20 years. Some people love them and others despise them while the majority fall somewhere in the middle. I think we can all agree that the factory trigger leaves a little to be desired. Based on it's design it's neither a true SA or DA, it's what Glock calls a "safe action". It's too light for a DAO gun and way too heavy for a SA gun. We try to give you the best of both worlds by combining a lighter take up with a crisper break. Since most Glocks are carried for defense the trigger job described here will be tailored for that. If you wish for a competition pull then please contact us for details.

We will begin by working with your existing trigger components and polish all necessary surfaces. We would normally replace the connector with your choice of a 5lb or a 3.5lb connector with or without over travel tab that will be fit to your gun and a spring kit. Parts will generally be less then $30.

I was a certified Glock armorer for 6 years but after that time I felt I did not need to renew my certification for a third time. I didn't feel I was going to learn anything new and I have been proven right, as the basic Glock design has not changed over the years.


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