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Revolvers; some like them and others hate them. I think we all can agree that there’s just something fun, nostalgia, about shooting a finely tuned revolver. When you match the perfect timing, smooth trigger pull adjusted to the load you are shooting they can be some of the best firearms to take plinking or target shooting or carried for personal defense. They make great teaching tools for kids or others not familiar with firearms. They are simple, reliable and can be works of art when you start talking about certain hand fit revolvers.

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 Revolver Trigger Jobs

One of mine, and pretty much everyone who shoots them, pet peeves when it comes to revolvers is the super heavy 11 – 13lb double action pull. We offer two different revolver action jobs, one for the carry gun and one for the target/competition gun.


Carry Trigger Job

100 plus any parts that might be needed


Most revolvers that are used as carry guns are a short 2” barrel or what’s commonly referred to as a “snub nose”. Almost without fail these style of guns have a heavy double action pull. When doing a trigger job on these guns I will focus mainly on the smoothness of the double action pull and taking out all of the grittiness. The majority of the time will be spend on the double action pull since the purpose of this gun is self defense and 99 times out of 100 the trigger will be pulled in double action mode if it comes to self defense. We will lighten the pull but by only a small amount since reliability with any ammunition is an absolute must. A typical trigger job on a S&W snub nose revolver will take a couple pounds off of the pull and will eliminate all of the grit and you will end up with a smooth trigger pull that anyone can comfortably shoot.


Other carry gun will also fall into this category; larger caliber shorter barrel revolvers used for carry out in the woods


Most of the time we will be able to work with the existing parts and no parts will need to be ordered.


Target/Competition Trigger Job

135 plus parts


Target revolvers can run the gambit from old S&W model 10’s to Performance Center revolvers. Most people will be shooting something in the middle. Almost any revolver can be classified as a target or competition revolver. People use old .38’s for bulls eye or pin shooting, Others will use revolvers cut to use moon clips for IPSC or other types of shooting. Doesn’t matter what you use, you want the best pull possible on your revolver and that’s where we can help.


With this trigger pull we will give you the very best trigger pull that your revolver can give. We will swap out springs for competition springs; polish all moving parts and engagements. This will bring your double action pull down to around 8lbs. In the past we have gone lighter to about 7lbs but found that unless you are reloading with certain primers that reliability goes down. We will bring the poundage down but only after you talk with us and we make sure you know what you are asking for. Your single action will be light and crisp as only a SA pull can be. Your double action will be super smooth, zero grit and as light as we can reliably make it. Perfect for target or speed shooting.


We will be able to work with a lot of the factory parts but at the very least will replace springs. Other parts will be replaced at the customer’s wishes at additional costs.