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Custom Laser Engraving is something we offer that most shops cannot. We are also the ONLY local FFL trophy/engraving shop. We can legally accept your firearms, personally or shipped. Other trophy shops will say they can engrave your guns but unless they have an FFL, by law, they cannot

This laser engraving, also known as "etching". The laser burns through the finish. Check out the Laser Engraving  gallery for examples. Our laser does not cut into metal but will cut into wood, plastics and acrylics such as butt stocks and grips.


Prices are typically 65 per set up and that includes basic graphics and set up fees.

Laser engraving is the perfect inexpensive way to make your gun stand out from the rest! It requires no modifications to the internal workings of the gun, everything is cosmetic. People love engraving patriot symbols or Military and Police logos. Commemorative a retirement or other special occasions. Or just have something that no one else does!

In order for your part to be engraved it must first fit into our machine which has table dimension of 18"x12". So sorry, at this point we can't laser engrave your barreled rifle action. We do have other methods of engraving if you are just wanting names and numbers. Contact us and we can discuss that option.

Just to give you a size example. About the longest item I can fit in my machine is a Remington 870 3" receiver with magazine. That is right about 20" long.

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