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Gunsmithing, Refinishing and Laser Engraving


Laser Engraving

Cerakote & Bluing

Every complete gun brought in for gunsmithing will receive the following work. A lot of times this work is incorporated in the work you want done and at that point will be charged accordingly, no double charging.


What this means is that if this is necessary then every complete gun brought to me will be completely disassembled of every component down to the last screw and pin.

Every part will be thoroughly cleaned

Every part will be inspected for wear and functionality ensuring the gun
is in "A1" condition

The gun will be re-assembled and all safety and function checks completed

More often then not when you find a gun that has been sitting in the closet for the past 40 years this is all that is required to ensure
safety and functionality.

We do guarantee our work, but any firearms brought back showing signs of work that we did not do will void our warranty. Any firearms taken before we are finished working on it will also void any warranty and we will not be held liable for any damages done, prior or after pickup, if we are not allowed to finish the work.

Firearms that get dropped off for work and logged in are subject to a $40 charge (per gun) if the firearm(s) are picked up before the work can be completed. This simply covers the time spent with the customer figuring out what the gun needs, logging it in, doing the research then logging it back out and doing no work.

Please call or email with any questions
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