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Arguably the most controversial handgun when it first hit the market and often referred to as "Combat Tupperware", especially by 1911 lovers. When I was receiving my training to be a gunsmith it was drilled into us that "if it's not a Colt 1911 it's not a real gun".  Now granted those training us were of the "old school" variety and might have been a little biased. I'll admit I was not a fan and skeptical for years until I had to carry one every day at work. After wearing that Glock 22 for 6 years and sending 10's of thousands of rounds down range with only 2 malfunctions that were not operator error, I slowly became a believer. Like them or not they are undeniably reliable.


We are offering 3 different packages for Glock customization. These are standard packages and each one can be tailored to a customers individual needs. Prices shown are for the packages as described, parts and labor.


Not everyone is looking for a package, some people will only want the mag release swapped out for an extended one or maybe have a fully supported chamber barrel installed. For this reason we alsop have a pick and choose menu at the bottom that you can pick from.




General Package               125


This package would be best for the person who owns a glock or two as general all purpose guns. They don't shoot competition and it's not a carry gun, maybe a night stand or truck gun. It's something you take with you to the range and enjoy shooting.


We will first completely strip the gun down and give it a detailed cleaning and inspection ensuring everything is in "A1" condition. We will fit and install a 5.0 or 3.5 lb connector with over travel tab, swap out the slide and mag release for extended versions to ease in weapon manipulation. We will preform a trigger job, squaring up and polishing all of the cast parts that Glock uses. We can also install sights at no additional charge other then the actual costs of the sights.






Self Defense Package               200


This package is for the guy who carries his Glock for self defense. First we will start with the same disassembly and inspection in the general package. We will swap out the mag and slide release for extended versions.  We will also install either a 5.0 or 3.5 lb connector with over travel tab and fit that into place.  We will do the same trigger job as described in the general package. The goal of this trigger job is not how light we can make it because it must be 100% reliable with all ammo. Our goal is a smooth pull with no grit. We will also swap out the plastic guide rod for a steel rod and new spring. We can stipple the frame in front of the trigger guard (where your finger should be resting when not on the trigger) on each side if the customer wants.We will stipple the magazine bases for two magazines to help with positive reloads and install an angled plug to fill that gap at the bottom of the frame that will also assist with reloading. We can install night sights at no additional costs other then the actual costs of the sights.



Prices can vary per job depending on what the customer wants

Grip Panel stippling        65 per panel

Full frame stippling, no finger groove removal    200

Trigger guard double undercut        65

Stipple mag bases    20 each

MOST POPULAR    Full frame stipple, double undercut, finger groove removal    275



Supported Chambers


Given the economy nowdays a lot of people reload their ammunition. Due to the style of rifling Glock uses they do not recommend that people shoot lead bullets out of their Glocks. This pretty much defeats the purpose when it comes to reloading for economic reasons. I have had great luck loading laser cast bullets and shooting them in competitions and for range time. The factory Glock barrel does not fully support the entire round you have loaded. See pictures below for examples. As you can see there is a small amount of the round at the rear on the bottom that is not being supported by the chamber and has a tendency to bulge. Installing a fully supported barrel will virtually eliminate this problem while at the same time using a different style of rifling allowing you to shoot lead bullets and save money! Pictures are not my own but show the differences between an unsupported chamber vs a supported chamber.


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