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We take in firearms on consignment to be sold on a case by case scenario. This will alleviate any concerns about who is buying your firearms because once they are logged in they will require a 4473 and a background check for whoever buys them. If I ship the guns they get shipped to another dealer who will then have the buyer fill out the same paperwork and background check.

We also buy used firearms depending on what you have for sale and how much you want. Please be reasonable in your asking price and we do not accept any "Saturday Night Specials"

Our fee is 15% of the sale price of the firearm. That price includes storage, inspection of the firearm to ensure good working condition, marketing and shipping if need be. Once the gun has sold and payment received I will cut you a check for the sale price minus the consignment fee. Once you drop off the guns there is a $25 minimum charge per gun. If guns do sell you will not be double charged. This fee covers the time involved with logging in and researching a group of guns only to have the seller change his mind and come pick them up after a day or two.

After a gun sells and we contact you, any money not picked up after 90 days will be forfeited because we are not a bank and we will not reimburse the cost of the firearm.

We can handle everything from individual gun sales to estate sales.

Please call or email with any questions

(360) 334-7200

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