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Cerakote & Bluing


Cerakote is a very hard and durable finish and can bring an old gun back to life or complete a gun with that finishing custom touch. We do a lot of cerakoting on firearms, and other item's as well. Turn around is typically 2 weeks but can differ based on job load. Cerakote is the leading industry standard of paint finishes. For this reason we do not spray Durakote, Alumahyde or any other spray finish. We also do not offer any of the hydro dip finishes. We do offer Hot Bluing as well.

We can also Cerakote many other things other then your firearms. Cerakote has a wide variety of air dry, bake on and high temp finishes.

Cerakote comes in many colors, everything from earth tones to bright colors. The chart below is not exhaustive, colors are being added all the time like Gloss Black and Robins Egg Blue otherwise known as the Tiffany Blue that a couple shops were custom making.


We can also do custom laser engraving on top of your cerakote for the final custom touch.

 Prices are general prices, most jobs will fall into one of these prices.

Long guns -                       155

Handguns -                       145

Handgun Frame or Slide      75

Stripped Lower/Upper          75

Upper Lower Combo          135

Quad rails                          60+

AR magazines                    10

Parts start at                 10

Prices are for stripped guns, additional costs start at 30 for dis-assembly and re-assembly.


Add 40 for a second color for a two tone finish. Additional fees might incur if the two tone pattern requires decals or a lot of masking off.

Patters and camo jobs will get a separate quote depending on the complexity of the pattern and the amount of colors used

The pictures below are examples of jobs that we have done, Please see the gallery or FaceBook for more pics

Before and after pics of a Star pistol and a Sig frame



Few AR's that we did in house, some with laser engraving


A Ruger pistol that got some "Tiffany" Robins Egg Blue on the slide

This is a before and after 870 with some FDE cerakote

Below is a Glock 35 with some Kobalt and Crimson Red Kryptec patten



Hot Bluing

Hot Bluing is the pinnacle of any true gunsmithing shop. It is the only way to achieve the finish that is desired by so many. Cerakote is a great and durable finish but nothing can match a gun that has been properly blued. We will offer several finishes that will range from a bead blast and blue to produce a matte finish for your hunting rifle to a nice semi gloss finish for hunting rifles, shooters and just a good all around finish. We will also offer a mirror "matchless" finish. This finish is usually reserved for show pieces, custom firearms and "safe queens". This finish will produce a mirror like finish on your firearm that you will want to show off to everyone!


Contrary to popular belief not all guns can be blued or can cause massive headaches when trying to re-blue them. As a general rule of thumb we will not hot blue double barrel shotguns, those will be rust blued and quoted per job. We cannot blue aluminum or some other metals. Guns with high nickle content (Winchester 94's) will cause problems when trying to re-blue and generally we will not blue them. There are different types of bluing salts that will blue high nickle or even stainless steel but right now we do not offer those services. Some guns will have parts on them that will have a different metal makeup that might have more nickle (Rem 870 mag tube rings) that can come out looking different then the rest of the gun. While we will take every precaution and use all of our tricks to prevent this from happening, sometimes there is nothing we can do and these parts will come out a different shade of blue or have hints of green or other colors in them.

Bluing Price List

Use this list as a general price range, since no two jobs are alike we like to give a personal quote per job but most jobs will fall into this price list or at least be very close.

Matte Finish - Bead blast and blue

This finish is the most cost effective way to go, price reflects an already stripped gun with no metal work needed. I will bead blast over the entire gun, dents and dings included and then blue the firearm.

  Long Gun                   175

  Handgun                    165

  Scope Rings              Included in above pricing or 25 by themselves

Grade 1 Satin Finish - 400 grit polish

This is pretty much the standard of bluing, a nice semi-gloss/satin finish that you see on most firearms. Price reflects an already stripped gun in pretty good shape, the polishing will remove small pitting and scratches but will not remove large dents and dings. Normal pitting removal is included in the price, extensive metal work will be quoted per job.

  Long Gun                   225-250

  Handgun                    200-225

  Scope Rings               Included in above pricing or 40 by themselves

Grade 2 Satin/Gloss Finish - 800 grit finish

This finish is the same as the 400 grit finish but with final polishing taken to 800 grit. This will produce a glossy finish but will not be a shiny mirror finish. This is a very nice finish that would look good on any firearm. Price reflects an already stripped gun and will remove the same amount of pitting and scratches as the 400 grit.

  Long Gun                   250-300

  Hand gun                   225-275

  Scope rings                25 if included with gun, 50 by themselves

Matchless - Mirror finish

This finish is usually reserved for show pieces, custom jobs and safe queens. This is a very shiny mirror like finish and looks very nice on firearms. With this finish there will be no pitting, scratches, dents or dings of any kind on the firearm. Normal pitting removal is included in the price, extensive metal work will be quoted per job. Prices will be the starting point for this finish, each job will receive it's own quote, the amount of extra parts will vary the price.                                                                       It all starts with the polish

  Long Guns              325+                                                                                       

  Hand Guns             300+

  Scope rings             50+ if included with the firearm, 100 by themselves

Prices reflect an already stripped gun. Add an additional 30-75 depending on the firearm for complete disassemble and reassembly.

Prices are guns blued "as is", meaning we will remove small minor pitting in the normal process of polishing but extensive metal working to remove large dents or dings will be quoted per job.

If you are just needing a few small parts blued then please contact me and prices will be quoted per job.

Two tone finishes will generally add 25-50 to the overall price, such as a 1911 with a bead blasted top of slide and polished sides will generally be priced at the highest level of polish then add the two tone price.

Once again, it is impossible to predict every job that might come in so please use this price list as a general list. Please contact us for an individual price quote for your job,


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