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This page is still under construction while we put together our 1911 package deals so please be patient and contact me if you need any work done that is not yet listed.

For pricing on individual parts or installs please see our Gunsmith Pricing page


The 1911 style handgun is undeniably one of the most, if not the most, popular handgun of all times. Nowadays you'd be hard-pressed to find a major manufacturer who does not produce their own version on the 1911. The majority of these newer designs are virtually identical to the original. Yes the new ones have some cosmetic differences but the internal design is almost unchanged from the last hundred years. There isn't a handgun on the market that has more aftermarket parts available, therefore making it a challenge to put together a few packages. It would be impossible to put a package together that will encompass every shooter out there. Some carry theirs, for others it's a high end race gun. Some people keep theirs in their safe or night stand and only see the light of day when t amen to the range. For some, it's a combination of all of these, which is why it's such a great platform. We can customize the 1911 in almost any conceivable fashion to fit your wants and needs.


We have put together three packages that should cover what most people are looking for. Fit, finish, function, reliability, these are the things we are striving for.  We tried to add custom features while keeping the cost relatively low. The sky is the limit when it comes to 1911's. It's possible to spend more on a bare bones slide then an entire Kimber. If what you are looking for doesn't fit into one of these packages or you want a combo or maybe not as much, please call or email and we can discuss your job.


The gun world is full of "drop in" parts and especially for the 1911. I believe that for a custom gun very few if any parts should be drop in. Most drop in parts, in my opinion, serve little for functionality and are more for looks, not always true but majority of the time. For example, a drop in barrel bushing is great if all you want to do is change the look of your gun but does virtually nothing for achieving a tighter lockup. Sometimes a customer will want a drop in part instead of permanently altering their firearm, example would be a drop in beaver tail safety vs a hand fit beaver tail that requires the frame to be cut and actually get the gun to sit a little lower in your hand.


If all you are looking for is a trigger job please see our section on triggers and you will find info on trigger jobs.




Package 1


This package is our lower end package but will still incorporate all the custom features we can pack in for the price. We will try to work with the factory parts already in the gun but inevitably some will need to be replaced. We will replace the barrel bushing and fit in a new one. Fit and install extended slide release and ambitious thumb safety. Fit and install a new trigger, sear and hammer and perform a full trigger job leaving you with the proverbial glass rod trigger break. Polish the barrel hood and feed ramp. New springs will be installed to compliment the trigger job. A two piece full length guide rod and new main spring will be fit and installed. We will install a beaver tail safety but no frame alterations will be done in this package to keeps costs down.




Package 2




Package 3



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