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Everyone who is familiar with the Ruger 10/22 knows that it is the most popular .22 rifle in the world for good reason.  They are also familiar with the less then desirable trigger pull they come stock with. A good trigger pull can make or break a rifle. There's not much more frustrating then going to the range for a little target shooting and trying to get good groups with an 11lb trigger pull.


Please see the 10/22 customization page for full action jobs, bolt modifications and other 10/22 work. There’s just too much to put in one section so we decided to stick to triggers here.


Level 1                   50

First off is a nice trigger job where we will lighten your trigger to approx 2-3lbs and smooth it up. We will go in and polish all the engagement surfaces and take out the grittiness associated with a 10/22 pull and leave you with a trigger pull that will be enjoyable to shoot, proverbial "glass rod" break. This is a good all around trigger job. This level involves changing no parts and working with the factory trigger assembly parts.

If you would like a Volquartsen trigger with trigger stop screw installed add 32


Please stay tuned for another level of trigger job, the Level 1 will cover 90% of all needs. If you need a competition pull please contact me for details.

We can also install Rimfire Technologies trigger systems that eliminate the need for the trigger return spring and plunger.


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