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There's a reason that the Ruger 10/22 is undeniably the most popular .22 rifle in the world. They are easy guns to manipulate and are great for both beginners and advanced shooters alike. Out of the box they are reliable and fairly accurate. They are also fun to customize and I can't think of a single part on that gun that someone does not make an aftermarket part for. If you are looking for a complete custom build please contact us as there is a wide variety of options

Trigger Jobs

Level 1                   50

First off is a nice trigger job where we will lighten your trigger to approx 2-3lbs and smooth it up. We will go in and polish all the engagement surfaces and take out the grittiness associated with a 10/22 pull and leave you with a trigger pull that will be enjoyable to shoot, proverbial "glass rod" break. This is a good all around trigger job. This level involves changing no parts and working with the factory trigger assembly parts.

If you would like a Volquartsen trigger with trigger stop screw installed add 32


Please stay tuned for another level of trigger job, the Level 1 will cover 90% of all needs. If you need a competition pull please contact me for details.

We can also install Rimfire Technologies trigger systems that eliminate the need for the trigger return spring and plunger.



Basic Action Job $139.95 includes all parts and labor


This action job is perfect for the person who wants the best out of their 10/22 without jumping up up competition level work. This package includes a radius and polishing of the bolt and installing a bolt buffer. We will remove the powder coating from the inside of the receiver on the top where the bolt rides. We will do a level 1 trigger job for a nice light crisp pull with zero grit. We will install a Volquartsen extended mag release, auto bolt release and trigger with over travel screw and adjust the trigger accordingly.




Target Action Job $169.95 includes all parts and labor


This package will give you the competitive edge and is for those who demand the absolute best out of their guns. It includes radius and polishing the bolt and polish the hammer for easier charging and installing a bolt buffer. Also remove the powder coating from the top inside of the receiver. We will do a complete trigger job for light crisp pull with zero grit. We will fit and install a Rimfire Technologies full width trigger and install a trigger return torsion spring kit. We will drill and tap the existing hole for the factory trigger return spring and plunger, for a trigger stop screw. We will install an auto bolt release and a Power Customer extended magazine release and an extra power hammer spring for reliable ignition. 

Note: the torsion spring kit and full width trigger will permanently alter your trigger assembly housing although will not alter the outwards appearance.


Competition Action Job $289.95 includes all parts and labor


For the guy who wants everything, all the bells and whistles


We will do everything described in target package deal and add the installation of a Rimfire Technologies adjustable sear, extended charging handle with extra power spring, extra sharp extractor with spring and a Volquartsen firing pin with spring all tuned in for maximum reliability and customization. Presumably you already have a bull barrel or are having one installed, we will cut an 11° target crown on your bull barrel. We will also include one free custom laser engraving setup on the receiver




Pick and Choose Menu


Trigger Jobs             50+


Complete disassemble, clean, inspection,lube, reassembly      45


Basic parts swap/install with no fitting, including barrels and stocks 0-40


Radius and polish the bolt.   45        


Install Rimfire Technologies trigger return torsion spring 45 plus parts


Install Rimfire Technologies full width trigger 50 plus parts


Install Rimfire Technologies adjustable sear 40 plus parts


Cerakote parts (stripped trigger, mag and bolt release). 20


Cerakote stripped trigger housing 30


Cerakote stripped receiver $60


Please email or call with any questions

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